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1995 Let's Start Again

 Play Title 

Let's Start Again



27th June 1995

 Play Synopsis 

This is not just Yi-wei Yao’s last play.  In 1993 when Yao was 71, it was published by Unitas Udngroup.  When he reached the age of 73, he also directed the piece.  The play concerns a couple on the verge of disintegration, striving to restore their marriage but failing.  Twenty years later, the pair meets again by chance, triggering a series of reflections.  From the point of view of the plot, Let's Start Again seems to be a play about marriage issues.  The two main characters, Qiong Jin(金瓊) and David Ding, used to be a married couple who divorced because of conflicting beliefs.  Twenty years after breaking up, they are both abroad and meet by chance in a tourist hotel.  They open up their hearts and tell each other of all the violent changes they went through in the breakup.  During this intimate conversation, their relationship has a new chance to grow.