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1985 The Emerald Bodhisattvas

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The Emerald Bodhisattvas


12th January 1985

 Play Synopsis 

In 1967, Yi-Wei Yao used Cui Ning’s(崔寧) jade carving to break through the dust-covered soul of the secular world’s normalcy to reveal the original beauty (or benevolence) that humankind possesses.  As an orphan living with a distant relative called County Mayor Han韓郡王), Cui Ning lives far from his homeland.  At one point, County Mayor comes into possession of a beautiful piece of jade.  Cui Ning volunteers to help County Mayor sculpt the jade piece into a carving of the goddess of mercy Guanyin (觀音)so that County Mayor may give the carving to the empress dowager as an honorable birthday gift.  The resulting carving of Guanyin bears a striking resemblance to County Mayor’s only child, his daughter Xiu Xiu(秀秀).  After discovering Cui Ning’s inadvertent expression of his deep adoration of Xiu Xiu via the Guanyin carving, County Mayor and his wife decide to give Cui Ning a sum of money and send him away to prevent his affecting Xiu Xiu’s future.  But instead of preventing a relationship from happening, Xiu Xiu instead decides to run away with Cui Ning.  The pair run a jade carving shop for two years, but during the second year they are discovered by the Han family housekeeper.  Upon being discovered, Xiu Xiu decides that in order to save the lives of her beloved Cui Ning and their children she must take her children and return home with the housekeeper.  After thirteen years of raising her children on her own, Xiu Xiu hears the old sound of Cui Ning’s reed organ floating on the wind and orders her maid to investigate, only to discover that the organ-blower is a blind beggar.  The beggar has no means to repay the kindness of Xiu Xiu when she provides food to him, and so he gives her a piece of carved jade in gratefulness.  To protect her children, Xiu Xiu feigns recognition of Cui Ning’s identity until the moment of his death.  It is not until Cui Ning passes away that Xiu Xiu finally feels regret.  She feels that Cui Ning was in love with the Xiu Xiu of his dreams,   but that the Xiu Xiu of his dreams simply does not exist.