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1990 The Seagull

 Play Title 

The Seagull



21st November 1990


 Play Synopsis 

This was an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Seagull.  The characters and era of the play were changed to China in the 1930s, but the adaptation followed the construction of the original play.  Yi-ling Su蘇以玲 is a Shanghai (上海)actress. At the beginning of the play, she is bringing her lover, the novelist Guo Lin果林, back with her to her brother’s estate.  When the play opens, Yi-ling is watching her son Kang-ding’s康丁 newly-written play, performed by Kang-ding’s girlfriend Nina.  Yi-ling watches with a careless, mocking attitude, which induces Kang-ding to angrily disrupt the performance.  Nina is captivated by Guo Lin, and when Kang-ding shoots down a seagull to present to Nina, Guo Lin is inspired: “A man sees a girl and destroys her just for play”.  After Kang-ding fails at killing himself with a gun, Yi-ling decides to take Guo Lin away to Shanghai, with Nina following right behind them to chase after Guo Lin.  After Kang-ding becomes a real writer and Nina is abandoned by Guo Lin, she continues with her acting career.  Tired and poor, she returns home and sees Kang-ding.  After Kang-ding sees Nina again, he chooses to kill himself with a gun.   Yi-ling is playing Mahjong when this happens.  After being notified of the news, Guo Lin is told to take Yi-ling away, as she still doesn’t know what’s happened.