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1988 Footfalls: Beckett in the Ancient Chinese Garden

 Play Title 

Footfalls: Beckett in the Ancient Chinese Garden



24th May 1988


 Play Synopsis 

This work was performed in a traditional courtyard garden setting in the China Movie Studio(中影文化城) in Shilin(士林), Taipei .  It was a performance of six of Samuel Beckett’s short plays: Come and Go, Act Without Words II, Play, Ohio Impromptu, What Where, and Footfalls.  These plays were spread through many different spaces within the traditional courtyard and garden, including three wings of the surrounding building, a pavilion, and several corridors.  Audiences were brought into the performance space in groups starting at sunset (around 6:30 p.m.) in a tour group-like fashion with a tour guide leading the way.  Different groups saw different performances in different spaces.  There were interior spaces and exterior spaces, so the first audience to come in would watch Come and Go and Act Without Words II outside, and would then go inside.  After that, the second audience group would enter the courtyard to watch the plays.  In the production plan, six different audience groups could be watching the six different performances at the same time.