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1984 We All Grew Up This Way

 Play Title 

We All Grew Up This Way



11th January 1984


 Play Synopsis 

This play was created through the shared efforts of the actors and the director through the use of collective improvisation. It is based on important developmental life experiences of the twenty-something actors themselves with regards to family, love, education, and work. At the curtain’s rise, the actors stand in a line, left to right, each reciting two or three representative lines about individual character or perception that will exist as echoes of the first or last section throughout the play.  Following this is a presentation of trivial matters in life: the mood of students right before an important national test, what happens right before breaking up with a boyfriend, the process of searching for a home tutor, accidentally straying into a black market beauty salon…And then come the more serious matters: as a child, being told by classmates that you aren’t the biological child of your parents, being called home from your required military service to sign as a witness on your parents’ divorce certificate, experiencing your family’s bankruptcy.  After this, the sequence is broken up again, staging scenes with the tutor, then what happens after the breakup, and the reaction to the test results.  Finally, the actors once again return to their original line, speaking their hearts’ thoughts to imaginary partners.  They then sing The Westerly is Murmur (《西風的話》), ending by saying “goodnight” to their parents.