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1984 The Passer by

 Play Title 

The Passer by



15th June 1984


 Play Synopsis 

The Passer-by was created through collective improvisation focused on a current news item of the time. Six students all majoring in art are living together. Every day, Tai Jian (太劍) spends his time completely immersed in the world of martial arts. Da Shi (大師) loves carving masks. Hong Hong (鴻鴻) is devoted to becoming a playwright. Xiao Ai (小艾) is constantly falling in and out of love with new boyfriends, and Bei An (北安) spends most of his time playing guitar to make pop music. He is in love with Xiao Dai (小戴), a university student who loves photography. Xiao Dai has a friend from her hometown, Lin Wei (林未), who has moved to Taipei to find a job. Lin Wei is from QingShui (清水), a town which has been rocked by a recent news story out of the area about dismembered bodies. In the past, Lin Wei had often talked about committing suicide which made people very wary of her. At the same time, Hong Hong is rehearsing a play he has written himself. Xiao Dai appears in the play, stuck in a love triangle between a husband and a lover, subtly hinting at Xiao Dai’s relationship with and between Lin Wei and Bei An. Lin Wei believes that Hong Hong has the potential to become a “director of the stage of life” and that she can become his living actress. One day when the police come to their house in search of information concerning the QingShui body dismemberment case, everyone starts to become aware of the heaviness of Lin Wei’s luggage. They then discover a large group of numbered stones along with files written about each of them. After that, Lin Wei disappears and the QingShui body dismemberment case is never solved, leaving each person with different feelings of doubt and unease.